Often in your Adult years you start to realise some of your childhood dreams.

I used to love dressing up in fancy costumes and going to ‘little girl’ dances but alas, I never got to wear a tutu.

My name Julie is a French baby name. It is a feminine name associated with wonderful words like youthful, soft-haired and vivacious. The name Tutu is associated with layers of soft bell shaped feminine fabric, a costume for dance, play and romance.

My childhood passion for little fairy and feminine souls has lead to the creation of Chantilly Tutus. Finally as a grown up, I got to wear my first ‘tutu’ and now my passion is to lovingly create them for you.

Our tutus

100% Handmade Chantilly tutus are 100% handmade by me personally to custom orders, meaning that no tutu is off the rack or sold in stores or markets.

Made to order I am very flexible with my customer’s orders and happy to discuss your ideas and will always endeavour to cater to special requirements that may not be in Chantilly’s current Collections, however prices may vary depending on requests.

Quality fabrics We use only high quality imported soft tulle (not stiff or course net) so that your tutus will always feel and look light and fluffy.

Turn-around Time Currently our wait time is 2-4 weeks however this may change with the Wedding and Christmas Seasons.

All makes and sizes Each tutu is made according to the individual size and measurements that you provide so that they fit as perfectly as is possible for you or your little princess.

What customers are saying about our tutus...

Adlyn :) xx